Will you be my tumblr boyfriend?

I have to warn you first I’m married to the music.

So I printed a test copy of my first photo book yesterday, should be here in a few days. I’m really excited.

Your house cost half of a million dollars to build, and a tornado’s coming to swallow it whole.

The car you drive that burns half of your monthly income is just getting revenge for all those times you dropped your cigarettes.

Everyone loves the ocean until it pushes grains of sand under the fingernails. Even when the rain is warm and refreshing you run from it.

Shining your shoes doesn’t keep the fresh mud off of them and when you slip and fall in it you will feel firm earth at your back.

You are tall and strong, you are smart, but you are just a human. Stay humble.

Natural contrast. (iPhone pano)

It was always fleeting.